Mike Becket has an innate love of colour, and is drawn towards painting those subjects where the use of colour can transmit a sense of bright vibrancy and illumination that one can get from life. Painting figurative scenes that are interpreted through the imagination. Recent pictures include scenes of seascapes and landscapes, an extended series on swimming pools, the theatre and café culture.


‘I discovered some years ago a technique of painting onto the reverse of clear acrylic perspex, which lends the pictures a vibrancy hard to achieve by other means. This then evolved into using several sheets of painted acrylic and layering them together. There are areas on each layer with no paint, allowing the other layers to show through, and creating shadow to the work. These are encased as one so that each work has a literal as well as painted depth. An interesting aspect of working in this way is that each picture appears slightly different according to the angle of view. They become multi-dimensional “pieces” rather than just existing within a conventional flat space. I also paint conventionally using acrylic on paper. These tend to be landscapes or still life subjects’

Acrylic perspex works vary from 20 cm up to 3 m square. 

Acrylic on paper works are framed in deep box frames. Sizes varying from smaller pictures 20 cm square, up to 1 metre square.

Any commision requests please contact mikebecket@gmail.com